“Ascend” by Matt Rousseau out now on Beatport


Check out this new gem from progressive/ trance producer, Matt Rousseau. Out now on Beatport!



OnCue Records

Vibal is a breakbeat producer hailing from Florida. He began producing his first songs on a Roland mc50 sequencer in the late 80s. Growing up listening to New Order, Depeche Mode and The Cure, he studied music composition at the University of Florida then moved to Orlando and discovered breakbeat. Soon, his 15+ vinyl releases were picked up by distributors and released nationally selling over 20k copies. Materialize was featured on The Dawning, a mix cd from Max Music in Miami, and was Vibals first prominent cd feature on a national release. For the last 9 years Vibal had switched gears and focused on television music production. His electronic music would find its way into some of the most popular television show backgrounds from the Oprah Winfrey Show to Punked on MTV. Discovery Channel, Style Network, Food Network and many more cable stations featured shows including his music as well. Vibal has returned to the dance music scene on OnCuE Records and is ready to unleash his new sound the summer of 2013.